Car Rental / Luxury & Volvo Coach

Travelling via the road has a charm of its own; it lets you witness scenic landscapes on the way, something which adds to the trip experience. In addition to that, you also get the freedom to explore places en route to the destination and the comfort of starting and stopping at your own convenience.  

With Madras Travels and Tours, you can rent luxury and economy vehicles to head off to the places of your choice. Car rental from Chennai to any corner of India is simple with Madras Travels and Tours. We have all kinds of vehicles available including Cars, Luxury Coaches, Mini buses, Tempo travelers etc. along with trained and experienced chauffeurs. Our fleet of luxury vehicles is well equipped with all the necessary features on board to make sure you have a comfortable journey in every sense. These features include Seating Capacity depending upon the number of people, Spacious 2x2 pushback seats, Air conditioning, Music system, Ample luggage space and Mic facility. 

 The most preferred vehicles opted for by our customers for Car rental from Chennai include -

  •         Volvo Coach - 41 + 1 seater
  •          Luxury Coach - 35 + 1 seater
  •          Mini Bus - 18 + 1 seater 
  •          Tempo Traveler - 12 + 1 seater
  •          Toyota Innova - 7 + 1 seater
  •         Toyota Etios - 4 + 1 seater

We have different variants of these vehicles available to meet every customer's particular needs, and our pricing slabs make it highly cost-effective. Book your rental car through Madras Travels and Tours today, and travel in immense comfort with complete peace of mind. 

Our coach features:

  • Seating Capacity -12 / 18 / 35 / 36 / 41
  • 2x2 Pushback Seat
  • Air Condition
  • Music system
  • Mic Facility
  • Ample Luggage Space

Car Rental / Luxury Coaches

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